Petroc Digital Academy Success!

In October, Digital Academy Scheduled Online Learning and Assessment sessions (SOLAs) have introduced our learners to The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) is a programme which  helps with developing digital, enterprise and employability skills. With a range of topics such as how to stay safe online, cyber security, advertising, coding, animation, personal statement, gif making, teamwork, video editing and key aspects of digital literacy. It aspires to be a digital version of The Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Since the introduction of the scheme:

  • 820 students have signed up
  • 2,158 badges have been awarded
  • 2 members of LTLS team have gained their Bronze Awards
  • 1 member of the LTLS team has gained their  Silver Award

Achievements can be downloaded, printed and shared. The verifiable certificate is useful for those who want to prove what they have accomplished for a job interview or on a personal statement.

Feedback on the new Digital Academy content has been very positive. To quote one learner, “It’s fun, I’m glad you make us do these things.”

To see iDEA in action watch this short video



Jade works in our LTLS team, and has recently achieved the Silver award.  what did she think of the activities?

“I quite enjoyed doing these in my spare time, it actually became something I did everyday and still didn’t get bored of it! It has such a wide variety of skills that you can do something different almost every time. The level of learning in these activities are well suited to the age of our students as some parts may be easy, others really make you think and pay attention.

The silver badges are little bit harder and you really do have build up your attention span, your problem solving and you need to have resilience which I think is a good thing as it teaches people to stay focused.”

Jane Tomlinson



French students visit the Learning Centre

On Monday morning 13 students from the Lycee St Nicolas school in Paris visited the Mid Devon Campus, organised by Marc Sevette. During their tour of the campus they came in to the learning centre to have a look at different AR and VR technologies.

They particularly liked the Merge Cube and VR Joe. One of the students volunteered to be scanned with the 3D scanner.

More Celebrations and Good News for the LTLS Team! We are Winners!



Our principle social media collaborators!  From left to right – Keely Flather:  Senior Learning Technologies and Library Services Coordinator, Jane Tomlinson: Head of Learning Technologies and Library Services and Sally Marchant: Learning Technologies Coordinator

Following on from our recent success in acquiring the Google G Suite for Educators Level 1 qualification, we had more good news last week!

Jisc recently ran a competition to find the top ten Social Media Superstars in FE for 2018. In their own words they were “On the look-out for the most social media-savvy folk in Further Education” looking for the most innovative ways of using social media in teaching and learning.  Jisc wanted to know which social media platforms we were using, how we reached our students, whether the use of social media has improved our teaching practice at Petroc, whether it had helped our service overcome particular challenges and whether it facilitated communication.  

The final line-up was chosen by a panel of FE and social media experts, including Jisc’s head of FE and Skills, Paul McKean; Jisc’s digital content manager, Richard Tatnall; TES columnist, FE teacher founder of UKFEchat, Sarah Simons, and FE Week journalist Sam King.

Our entry was driven by Keely Flather:  Senior Learning Technologies and Library Services Coordinator.  Here is what we said:

“The Learning Technologies and Library Services Team uses a combination of WordPress, Twitter and Facebook to communicate across three campuses and beyond. As demand on time has increased, the team found it hard to maintain the same level of face-to-face support and saw how social media could help.

The platforms act as a shop window for the team to display learning technologies and library services to all.  Daily tweets have an eclectic style, including the odd GIF and personal news, so the account stays friendly and interesting. Specific hashtags promote various LTLS projects and initiatives. For example, #PetrocReads5 is promoting a reading challenge through a live Twitter feed on the library services Moodle page and there’s been a big uptake among staff and students alike. #PetrocGoogle5 promotes online Google training as part of the college’s rollout of Chromebooks and Google G Suite (Wakelet), and #PetrocLTA is a starting point for discussing learning, teaching and assessment.

The active promotion of Twitter has encouraged lecturers to create their own curriculum-based Twitter accounts and embed them within their Moodle course pages”

And the Judges were impressed!  Here is what they said:

The team has used social media as a way of continuing to support students at the library, countering the lack of time available for face-to-face contact. They use social media to its fullest advantage, not only in terms of in-college promotion but to the wider public.

The team’s understanding of the importance of tone in online communication is an impressive and rarely discussed nuance. Their welcoming online ‘persona’ transforms the outward direction of marketing information into an inclusive and ongoing conversation.”

As winners we will receive a visit from Jisc’s Digi Lab complete with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), an Emotiv Insight EEG brain reader and a robot!

You can read the full story and see a list of all ten winners on the JISC website.

Find us on Twitter, Facebook and WordPress!

Sally Marchant

Learning Technologies Coordinator


We are G Suite for Education Educators!

GCE_Badges_01 (2)

Over the last few months, The Learning Technologies team at Petroc has been introducing The G Suite for Education to staff and students.  Bespoke online training materials have been created by the team and face to face training has been delivered to teaching staff to support this innovative new approach to teaching and learning.

In order to best support staff and students in using the Google Suite Education apps, four members of the Learning Technologies team have been working towards and recently successfully acquired the Google Certified Educator Level 1 qualification. The four members:  Keely Flather (Senior Learning Technologies and Library Services Coordinator), Sarah Vincent, Sally Marchant and Sue Dingle sat a 3 hour exam which tested their knowledge in all the core Google Apps: Calendar, Classroom, Contacts, Drive, Docs, Forms, Groups, Sheets, Sites, Slides and Talk/Hangouts.

The introduction of The G Suite for Education is an important step forwards for Petroc. All staff and students now have Google Education accounts, and a large percentage of teaching staff has been given Chromebooks which will enable them to take advantage of the many benefits of a Google Account. The G Suite Core Service apps are designed to increase the possibilities for effective, online collaboration and streamlined academic tasks.  The cloud-based technology helps to create an environment where it is easy to share and collaborate on ideas and work together.

We are an enthusiastic team, willing to take on new challenges and constantly working hard to bring new, innovative and interesting ideas to teaching and learning.   We are looking forwards to seeing the use of this technology grow and develop at Petroc.

Sally Marchant

Learning Technologies Coordinator

What a busy start to the academic year!


We have made it to the holidays and what a busy term it has been! After changes made over the summer, learners have been settling in and getting used to the new Learning Zones. Book stock has been increased at our Brannams campus, the Library has been redesigned in our Tiverton Campus, and at our Barnstaple campus the introduction of  fully IT equipped bookable group rooms and a beanbag area has been extremely popular alongside the new Library space.

The team also had the chance to  promote all the LTLS services at the Fresher Fayre, which was great fun for all involved!fresher

badge2The online Library Induction has been updated for the new academic year 17/18 and 699 FE learners gained their LTLS induction badge and 525 gained their LTLS referencing badge. For the Higher Education learners, the Learning Technology Coordinators provided over 130 workshops.

The LTLS Moodle page has also been redesigned, making it easier to find eResources, access the Library catalogue, book computers and find help and advice. We also introduced two new eResources in September 2017, designed to support learners with their research… Credo Reference and the A-Level Online Archive.

The LTLS team was asked to lead workshops at the October Staff Development day, these covered topics such as Moodle, Social Media, SOLA and eResources. img_1791-1The team also provided a VR/AR/360% roadshow during the lunch break which gave teachers the chance to experience Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and use the 360 camera.

Supporting the use of new technologies for teaching, learning and assessment is high on the LTLS team agenda and we have been able to provide Prowise training from the Tech Hub, use and promote online meeting software, and give students and staff the opportunity to use augmented reality with help from ARMary and ARJoe!! The Blended Learning Moodle page has also been updated with a new toolkit, interactive learning objects, Moodle guides, support and more.blog3

SOLA classes (Scheduled Online Learning and Assessment) are now running in the Learning Centres, a dedicated Learning Tech Coordinator has supported teaching staff with the development of the material whilst working with the learners every week.


We are now looking forward to the New Year which will start with FE learners taking part in the JISC Student Tracker and teaching staff getting started with ChromeBooks: training and support will be provided by the Learning Tech team. The Library team will also be promoting this years reading challenge #PetrocReads5. All updates will be available in our monthly newsletter Blended or by following us on Twitter @PetrocLTLS.




Augmented Reality Mary!


AR Mary

The Tech Hub at  Petroc’s North Devon Campus has a new member of the team! Please meet AR Mary!

Using Curiscope’s Virtuali-Tee app, you can scan the shirt to ‘see’ into her body through the ribs and watch the heart beating. Ask at the Tech Hub desk for further information and have a go at  exploring the inner workings of AR Mary. mary2


eResource – BoB

At Petroc College, we provide some fantastic online resources for both staff and students. All resources talked about over the next few months can be found in our eResources page on the LTLS Moodle; for more information on each resource, you can also find descriptions and help videos on the same page.


Oh no! You’ve missed that important documentary on BBC? And that episode of your favourite drama!? Lucky for you we subscribe to the Box of Broadcasts (we just call them BoB though). Just sign in through our eResource page and you’ll have access to over 60 channels worth of content that’s been prerecorded by the brilliant team at BoB!


eResource – Anatomy.TV

At Petroc College, we provide some fantastic online resources for both staff and students. All resources talked about over the next few months can be found in our eResources page on the LTLS Moodle; for more information on each resource, you can also find descriptions and help videos on the same page.

Anatomy TV

Need a detailed 3D human anatomy without cutting someone up? Access Anatomy.TV today via our eResources!


eResource – A-level Magazine Archive

At Petroc College, we provide some fantastic online resources for both staff and students. All resources talked about over the next few months can be found in our eResources page on the LTLS Moodle; for more information on each resource, you can also find descriptions and help videos on the same page.

A-level Magazine Archive 2

So let’s start this off with the Phillip Allen online archive (or A-Level review magazines) which contains 14 review titles related to A-Levels. We have the latest editions of each in our libraries, however, the bonus of the online version is that most of the reviews are backdated as far as 1993!