Word on Tour@Petroc ‘Absolutely fantastic!’ ‘Personal, funny and intimate’ ‘unusual, quirky, deep’… felt ‘inspired, moved, empowered’ ‘glad it made it here’ ‘loved it’

Late in 2017 Petroc library services were delighted to be asked to take part in Word on Tour. This was to be a multi event celebration of South West writing and Spoken Word organised by Literature Works and funded by the Arts Council.

After some discussion with the Tour Manager, we selected Spoken Word Artists Jonny Fluffypunk and Byron Vincent and booked our date.byron and jonny

Our role was to provide the performance space and to promote the event to our community, to our students and staff and on social media. Selling a spoken word event at the college proved quite a challenge, even resorting to a the giant video screen in our study area showing the two artists performing ( headphones provided) in addition to the usual channels.

On on the night itself with the help of Cat Large from fairy lights 2Literature works and Richard Smith, our Theatre Manager, the venue was transformed into a Word on Tour Venue complete with fairy lights, the specially designed Word on Tour image projected onto the back of the stage and refreshments set up. There was even a professional film company to record interviews with the poets and highlights from the performance.

The poets were fantastic. Jonny’s trademark moustache was an act in itself but added to the whimsical meanderings of his poems and comic backstories made a performance to remember. A signed copy of Jonny’s book, Poundland Rimbaud is now available to borrow in the library. Byron’s very honest but dryly humorous musings on his periods of mental illness,  drug addiction and failed relationships combined with some beautifully performed pieces gave the audience considerable food for thought by the end of the eveningfairy lights

So now the curtain has closed on our author event for 2018. This was a very different event for Petroc and as you can see from the audience comments at the beginning of the blog,  very positive experience. Myself and the volunteers who helped out thoroughly enjoyed the evening too and I am very pleased that we were given the opportunity.


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