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We are the Learning Technology and Library Services team at Petroc College of Further and Higher Education. We will be blogging about technology, apps, books and Virtual Learning Environments.

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Changes to our Physical and Virtual spaces, update 2!

All three of the physical learning spaces at Petroc have had a redesign over the summer. The largest change was moving the Library (North Devon Campus) upstairs, so the service is all on one level. librarynew

This is almost complete, extra computers have been added to the Study Space and we are just waiting to redesign and move into the Tech Hub (previously the Guidance Centre).

The Learning Centre at Mid Devon Campus has seen the Library stock move location to the room at the back of the centre, allowing this to become a much more flexible learning space.



Finally the Learning Resources room at Brannams campus has had extra stock added, more storage space and the issue desk relocated, making this room a lot brighter and friendlier to use.




If this was not enough to keep the LTLS team busy, we have also updated and made changes our Virtual Learning space: Moodle. The front page has been redesigned and a new adaptable theme installed , allowing all course pages to be viewed correctly whatever device is being used to view it.


The Learning Technologies and Library Services page has also been completely redesigned to allow easier access to our online resources. We have also invested in more e-Resources for the new academic year to support learning, providing 24/7 access to quality and reliable information. Please ask the LTLS team for further information on how to embed these resources into teaching and learning.

LTLS page new

We are looking forward to seeing all our learners, new and returners and the academic staff when term starts in September and we hope you like our new spaces as much as we do.


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